Q & A

Questions often asked about Rosevale Home Village

  • Q. What is the title?
  • You purchase the home and lease the land off the owners ROSEVALE HOME VILLAGE PTY LTD (family owned and operated)We are guided under the Residential (Land Lease) Communities Act No 97 2013
  • Q. What are the site fees?
  • Site fee are $122.00 per week. Annual increase 1st July
  • Q. Government Rental Assistance?
  • Yes. If you are a pensioner, you may be eligible for rental assistance from Centrelink.
  • Q. What other expenses would I have?
  • Gas & Telephone, Building & Contents insurance, plus Public Liability Insurance. Electricity and water is metered and charged back to you from the village owners on a quarterly basis. This way each individual Household is charged for their own usage. Mail Box key and Remotre Control for Security Gates require a bond.
  • Q. Are pets allowed.
  • YES. Companion animals are allowed (Dogs must be kept on a leash on common grounds) Park rules apply
  • Q. Are family and visitors allowed to stay with me?
  • Yes. It?s your Home.
  • Q. What happens to the home if I pass away?
  • Your estate may be sold by your family or the Village owners may help selling it. Park Rules,your family cannot "on-rent? the home. The village is for permanent living only.
  • Q. Can I have community services if needed?
  • Yes
  • Q. Is there security in the village.
  • Yes. There is security gates at the front of the village, which will operated via your own personal remote control. The gates will be left open during the day but shut at night. A Deposit will be organised for a remote controller.
  • Q. Who is responsible for the maintenance of my home?
  • Your responsibilities are to maintain the interior and exterior of your home and the surrounding landscape. The village management will look after the common grounds.
  • Q. Are there any Legal fees?
  • NO. There is no Stamp Duty on the property or conveyance fees as they are a relocatable home.
  • Q. Is there an exit fee or entry fee.?
  • NO. There is no fee for entry and exit.

A residents right to occupy premises under the Residential Tenancy Agreement is a leasehold right only and not a freehold or other right of unlimited or perpetual nature and may in certain circumstances be terminated.